Purveyors of ice cream, who like to have a little fun

We're looking to fill our shop with fun, reliable, and energetic team members! 


Current positions

Phenomenal Customer service humans 


  • Communicate clearly, quickly and politely with co-workers to ensure that the correct order is served to the customers.

  • Prepare soft serve quickly and accurately, while following all preparation, health and safety standards and guidelines.

  • Greet customers manage ingress/egress (line control), and clean up work area

  • Complete customer transactions quickly and accurately
    *Perform other duties as assigned

Fun kitchen people


  • Prepare consistent quality dessert items

  • Assemble and set up machines

  • Wash dishes and equipment

  • Keep kitchen organized and clean, and sanitary throughout shift/ clean food preparation and production areas as required

  • Prepare and stock for daily operations

  • Organize/bag recycling, compost, and trash
    *Perform other duties as assigned


  • Vaughan Mills

  • Trinity Bellwoods Flagship



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